Portier Cove: A New Eco-District


Portier Cove has been designed to integrate with the existing coastline of the Principality both aesthetically and environmentally. The realisation of this project is an architectural and technical challenge. It responds to the Principality’s ambitious energy transition objectives regarding its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (becoming carbon neutral by 2050) and to the need for growth in a dynamic and modern country. Part of the challenge is to design and apply construction methods which minimise the impact on the natural environment in agreement with Monaco’s global sustainable development project. The developed areas must make it possible to build a district at the forefront of a new responsible urban energy management, and of new construction methods whose constant objective is to reduce the impact on the environment.
Architects are at the heart of this process. Valode and Pistre Architects and Renzo PianoBuilding Workshop are the two internationally renowned firms that coordinate the work of design teams to bring together design, aesthetics, energy efficiency and sustainable development. Associated with landscape architect Michel Desvigne, they introduce a natural space within this artificial extension.

Denis Valode, Joost Moolhuijzen and Michel Desvigne explain in a video and three interviews what constitutes a real challenge for them and forces each of them to revisit their creative methods.

Video: SAM L’Anse du Portier/Iceberg