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Environmental Standards

A Message from Prince Albert II
July 2016

“Following the course set by the previous Princes of Monaco, going back to Prince Albert I, the Principality will continue to be an advocate and leader for the sustainable management of the seas and oceans. Monaco, a Mediterranean coastal state, has always lived harmoniously with the sea, and is strongly attached to its preservation.

Photo: Direction de la communication du Gouvernement Princier

While numerous initiatives have been taken to protect the biodiversity and resources of the sea, including the creation of marine protected areas, Monaco is also responsible for ensuring its sustainable growth and development for our citizens. Given the configuration and size, my country has always been innovative in its ability to develop and support growth. This new challenge that I have set for the Monegasque government, along with designers and builders, is to achieve what has historically proven difficult; to develop an extension of our land onto the sea with the utmost respect for protection of the natural environment.

Photo: Palais de Monaco / GL

I have therefore launched the land extension project, managed by Anse du Portier, with particularly strict environmental specifications. A panel of experts dedicated to protecting Monaco’s existing and future biodiversity and environmental resources will closely monitor this project, throughout each phase. With its exceptional environmental standards, I hope the creation of Monaco’s new eco-district will become a reference point for other development projects around the world, particularly those in maritime environments.