Environmental Standards


The creation of Portier Cove offers a challenge to reconcile Monaco’s energy objectives (greenhouse gas emission reductions and carbon neutrality by 2050) with the growth demands of this dynamic and modern country. This reconciliation can only be met through innovative design and implementation of measures taken to reduce the overall environmental impact of a project of this scale.

Photo: Bouygues TP MC

From inception, each element of Portier Cove has been designed with utmost concern for limiting infringements on the environment. From assessing and preparing the work site, to methods of construction, and sustainable practices for providing energy and utilities to the new buildings, each aspect has been carefully considered to achieve a sustainable and environmentally conscious method of delivering this project.

Due to exceptionally high environmental standards, the Portier Cove land extension project has become a testing ground for construction methods and technologies including the tools, methods and materials used in the building process. Environmental consideration is foremost in each decision made throughout the project, including the future biodiversity and use of resources in the Portier Cove eco-district after the project is completed.

Photo: Bouygues TP MC

Environmental conservation is always a guiding principal in Monaco. However, environmental consideration for Portier Cove is uniquely important because the eco-district is situated between two marine reserves; Larvotto Marine Reserve, and Spélugues Marine Reserve. Both of which are protected by international and European regulations, as well as Monaco’s strict legislative protection.

In preparation for the project, extensive surveying and analysis was performed to determine potential environmental impacts. A committee of experts, scientists and marine biologists prepared reports identifying measures to avoid, reduce, and compensate for the impacts of the construction site, and to reduce the overall environmental impact of the project. Portier Cove designers, architects, and construction specialists used this information to formulate designs and solutions that meet the strict standards set by Prince Albert II and the Monegasque government.

Photo: Principauté de Monaco/SAM L’Anse du Portier/Valode et Pistre Architectes/Renzo Piano Building Workshop/Michel Desvigne Paysagiste