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Portier Cove

A Neighbourhood for the Future

The use of effective, sustainable energy is at the heart of the design of Portier Cove:

  • installation of photovoltaic (PV) panels on buildings, providing 40% of conventional energy needs and 80% of public lighting
  • creation of a thermal loop, providing 80% of domestic thermal requirements
  • use of solar energy to provide 40% of domestic hot water needs
  • roofs designed to collect and recycle rainwater for watering public gardens containing nearly 1,500 endemic Mediterranean trees

Effective Urban Energy

Portier Cove will continue Monaco’s decades-long tradition of implementing innovative and sustainable sources of energy and urban mobility.

The district is entirely pedestrianised on the surface, favouring soft mobility, offering a coastal promenade and various walkways throughout, and a public park covering nearly one sixth of the total land, truly integrating the urban environment with the natural environment.

Photos: Principauté de Monaco/SAM L’Anse du Portier/Valode et Pistre Architectes/Renzo Piano Building Workshop/Michel Desvigne Paysagiste