HQE Certification for Sustainable Planning
A recognised approach developed by the HQE Association and its partners, for the realisation of sustainable development operations that combine environmental, social, economic and urban issues in a neighbourhood.

This is the most widely used building certification standard in the world. At Portier Cove, the “Excellent” level will be targeted for multi-family buildings.

BiodiverCity Label
A label for the consideration of biodiversity in real estate construction and renovation projects. The goal of this label, backed by a technical reference, is to evaluate and promote real estate operations that take into account and promote biodiversity for the well-being of city dwellers.

Clean Ports Label
The European approach to environmental port management; The Clean Port approach is divided into different phases: the environmental diagnostic study, the means of combating chronic pollution, the establishment of means to fight against accidental pollution, the training of port staff and the education of port users on environmental management.

Ecological Green Space
This green label is intended to promote ecological practices in the management of green spaces.