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Project Organisation Chart

Project Stakeholders

By signing the Concession Agreement for the Land Extension project, on July 30, 2015, the Prince’s Government entrusted SAM (Société Anonyme Monégasque) L’Anse du Portier with the mission to design and build the new eco-district of the Principality of Monaco; to extend the land onto the sea, to fully finance the project, and to manage the commercial and residential real estate. In this context, SAM L’Anse du Portier is entrusted as the developer of the project.

From the outset of the project, the Prince’s Government created the “Urbanisation at Sea” Mission (URBAMER), attached to the Department (Ministry) of Equipment, Environment and Urban Planning. URBAMER is piloting the project on behalf of the Monegasque State and monitoring the successive phases of the project, particularly in the area of ​​sustainable development.

As part of its mission, SAM L’Anse du Portier has appointed Bouygues Travaux Publics MC with the design and construction of the platform, known as the “maritime infrastructure”. The creation of the structures to be built on this reclaimed land has been delegated SAM des Aménagements du Portier and to SAM des Superstructures du Portier, as  contractors for the public and private works. The related construction works are entrusted by these contractors to Bouygues Travaux Publics MC and various Monegasque companies.