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Photos and video

The caissonnier

The saisonnier is a unique tool in France 56m long, 50m wide, 27m high, 4559 tons. It was used for the manufacture of the 18 caissons. Once assembled, they will form the protection seat belt of the Monaco land extension.

The caissonnier came by sea to Marseille.

Moored in the Grand Port Maritime of Marseille, the caissonnier  was used for 18 months to manufacture the 18 caissons of the offshore extension of Monaco.

A view of the caissonnier with 2 caissons in the foreground.

The saisonnier during the construction of a caisson. This work is an ongoing process lasting a month, using a sliding formwork system.

HSH Prince Albert came to visit the caissonnier. Here He is in the control room of the floating tool.

Concrete, scrap metal… We are inside a caisson in full production.

Aerial view during extracting a caisson from the caissonnier.