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The Stornes

Stornes is one of the largest FallPipe Vessels in the World : 175 meters long, 26 meters wide. Stornes has been to Monaco 6 times in last weeks to place a total of 140,000 tons of granulate. The vessel is equipped with a Grade Two Dynamic Positioning System.

State-of-the-art thrusting systems and equipment form a part of the vessel’s technological outfitting including hightech camera systems to give a clear view of the underwater fallpipe operations. The granulate has been used to build a temporary dyke ( Fairmont hotel side) and to start filling the space between the west part of the caisson belt and the existing shore.

Now, the teams are able to reach the work space on foot. Amazing.

Photos © Bouygues TP MC / SAM L’Anse du Portier / TA